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I was able to step on stage for the first time May 2022, with the help of Shannon. Shannon’s coaching style is honestly one of the best I have experienced in my 9 years of training. Shannon is very understanding, aware, and thoughtful when it comes to injuries. Shannon helped me push my body to limits I was unaware it could get to when it came to posing. She is your biggest supporter and hype woman.


“Shannon did such an amazing job teaching me how to pose. I only had 4 weeks until my show date when I started working with her and well the picture speaks for itself! I will be continuing to use Shannon’s knowledge in the future not only for posing but for competing in general she definitely knows so much about this sport and is so sweet to work with!”


“Shannon was amazing with posing practice!! She is super knowledgeable and really good at making you feel comfortable and prepared for your first show!! I definitely went into my first show feeling waaay more ready after I had practice time with her!”



Shannon was great to work with . She was always available when I needed her with  tips and tricks to help me where ever I was in my nutrition journey . I began working with Shannon to help heal my relationship with food . She taught me that food was not the enemy and that I could eat way more than I was and still see results . She definitely listens and encourages you when you may not believe in yourself.  I am so happy I began my journey with her . I now can eat without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. I have the tools and knowledge now to help me with my performance in and out of the gym . I can’t speak highly enough about Shannon as my coach!


Doing a competition prep is not easy. It’s a lot more mentally challenging than most people would believe including myself, until I went through an entire Bikini competition prep of 6 months for my first time. The even harder part is after the competition; lines start to fade, muscle definition is lost , and all self-control feels out the window. It can be a slippery slope of no self-control. Shannon provided me the security and healthy mindset during the hardest part. I felt like I was in a downward spiral with no end in sight after my show, and she provided direction , reassurance, and accountability to keep me on a stable track to reverse out of competition prep. She also explained very well, the feeling I was feeling were scientifically real. These feelings included mood swings, extreme anxiety, never feeling full , and my favorite the “restart of puberty” after a show. She explained how certain hormones can shut off during a prep and take quite a while to reboot easing my worries. Doing this stuff alone is not easy , especially when you question everything going on, it’s very nice to know that what is happening is 100% normal and expected. Shannon also advocates for a healthy relationship with food, not seeing food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but rather fuel to our body so we don’t become overly restricted. Dieting is about balance, healthy methods, and keeping all aspects of our health, which she does greatly.