Meet Shannon

Shannon Schwarzinger is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), licensed in the State of Montana.  She completed her BS in Food and Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics at Montana State University- Bozeman.

Shannon is currently the owner of Sova Nutrition and Wellness LLC, a foster mom, bodybuilder athlete & posing coach as well as a nutrition coach. She truly believes that life will always have its roadblocks and that is why a tailored individualized approach is so important. She works with a variety of patients/clients that have a vast, often times intertwined, array of needs. Shannon works with clients ranging from medical nutrition therapy, sports nutrition, eating disorders, gut health and more.

Shannon is a director for a new drug rehabilitation facility here in Montana. Her background as an in-home caregiver for Parkinson’s, late-stage cancer, and dementia patients provided many invaluable experiences. She played an important role, using her nutrition education to help improve quality of life, and provided patient advocacy with her clients’ families and their medical support teams.

Shannon’s passion for nutrition truly began after she experienced a four-wheeling accident resulting in back fusion surgery, as well as, multiple years of Chronic Lyme disease-complicated struggles.

Shannon considers herself a “forever student,” eager to build on her academic foundations in psychology, nutrition and exercise science. She is able to stay up-to date on the latest science and coursework through continuing education and continued client application.

Shannon’s eagerness for knowledge and determination to turn information in to action has contributed to her love of Bodybuilding as a sport. Despite back surgery and Lyme disease she was able to regain strength, health, and win her very first bikini competition in Las Vegas.

Shannon Schwarzinger, RDN, LDN
Sova Nutrition and Wellness LLC
IG: sova_nutritionrdn
Phone: 406-272-9970