Sova Nutrition & Wellness

Shannon Schwarzinger, RDN, LDN

Shannon’s eagerness for knowledge and determination to turn information in to action has contributed to her love of Bodybuilding as a sport. Despite back surgery and Lyme disease she was able to regain strength, health, and win her very first bikini competition in Las Vegas.

Shannon is a 2x Nationally Qualified Bikini competitor who has a passion for being her clients greatest advocate for reaching new heights.

Shannon has over a decade of experience working with Nutrition clients of all needs and complexities. Her experience ranges from Gut Health, Sports Nutrition, to Medical Nutrition Therapy in Oncology. She specializes in client specific tailored programs along with advocating for each clients relationship with food.

Her main quote for her clients is as follows;

“Food is not just for satiety and “health”. Food is so much more; it is for the soul. Just think of any family gathering, or holiday, it revolves around food. So, when we are dealing with Nutrition, we are not just talking about food, we are dealing with a core relationship, life history, along with mental and emotional attachments. There will be ups and downs with reaching your specific goals, but like any relationship, if you have the right support and grace, you will go a lot farther.”